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  • We Pride Ourselves In Our Knowledge Of Auto Repair And Maintenance To Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road.

    At Advance Auto Tune, our trusted technicians have years of experience on handling any auto repair and maintenance service for your vehicle.

    Located in Renton, WA, our state-of-the-art shop is ready to serve all your vehicle repair and maintenance needs.

    We pride ourselves in our knowledge of general repair and maintenance to get your car back on the road. From oil change to mufflers and exhaust systems, our professional team of technicians will make sure your car is running in excellent condition for the years to come.

  • You Can Count On Advance Auto Tune
    • ASE Certified
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    • 20+ Years of Experience

Brakes, Shock & Struts

Worn down brakes is a safety hazard that no one wants to have to deal with. Our mechanics will diagnose and service your brakes, shocks, and struts. Advance Auto Tune specializes in installs, repair, and replacements for all makes and models. Our brakes technicians possess today's most advance tools and technologies to ensure proper installation and replacement of your brakes systems.


Complete Computer Diagnostics

OBD Reading, Performance Reading, Mechanical Evaluation, Emissions Reading

If your vehicle needs a computer diagnosis, don’t be alarmed. This is often the most efficient and cost effective way for an automotive technician to diagnose a problem.

The ability of technicians to determine what additional tests are needed, and to accurately interpret both test results and computer network data, comes from extensive training and experience. Today’s technicians use vehicle computer diagnosis in much the same way surgeons employ medical testing. In both cases, combining test results with expert knowledge and skilled hands can lead to an accurate diagnosis and an ultimate cure.

Our auto technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to electronically screen and analyze your vehicle's performance. Our computer diagnostics can quickly help us solve any mechanical problems for all makes and models.

Emission Repair Facility

Emission Evaluation, Emission Repair, Emission Specialists

Having trouble with emission testings? Advance Auto Tune can evaluate and determine what's causing emission failure with your vehicle. We can service all makes and models. Our experienced auto technicians are certified and posses the most up to date technology and equipment to service your vehicle.

Engine Tune-Up Services

Inspection, Repair, Install, Replacement

Regular engine tune-ups bring power and efficiency back to your car. At Advance Auto Tune, we visually inspect all of your engine components and install new parts (including spark plugs and fuel filters) as needed.

After a car tune-up, you'll discover your engine starts easier, runs smoother and is more efficient. A regular engine tune-up will lower emissions, improve fuel economy and restore lost power.

When you get car tune-ups based on your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, you're investing in the long-term health of your car, saving you time and money.

Having a well-running engine is the key to a happy car. We can scope your engine, replace spark plugs, inspect your ignition and fuel system, and more.

Fuel Injection And Carburetor

Inspection, Cleaning, Repair, Install, Replacement

Dirty carburetors and injectors can inefficiently burn your fuel, costing you money and extra fuel. Our team can inspect your fuel system as well as clean it out. We can also repair, install, or replace Fuel Injection and Carburetor systems.


Mufflers And Exhaust Systems

Exhaust, Headers, Mufflers & Cat-Back Kits

Our Technicians are certified and very experience in navigating through the ins and outs of this complex system. From performance to factory, we can service all makes and models. We carry a wide range of quality parts to ensure the right system for your vehicle.

Oil Change Services, Filter Replacement, Waste Disposal

Advance Auto Tune provides exceptional oil change services for all makes and models. We can do anything from draining your motor oil, to removing and replacing oil filters and replacing up to 5 quarts of motor oil. We also have a selection of performance, synthetic, or a house blend oil to choose from.


Timing Belt Replacement

Inspection, Install, Replacement

The timing belt does wear down and stretch out over time. Timing belts are exposed to engine oil and coolant leaks, which will damage the belt and make it more likely to slip or break. If the timing belt slips or breaks, this is bad news for the vehicle and its owner’s pocket book.

This internal collision can destroy a large amount of the engine and sometimes entire engine replacement is required. Therefore, it’s important to stay ahead of your timing belt’s life span by replacing it every four years or 60,000 miles, or in newer vehicles, every 100,000 miles.

Be sure to check your vehicle’s maintenance manual or give Advance Auto Tune a call to see what your car or truck’s manufacturer suggests.


Airbag/SRS Module

The SRS module, also called the airbag electronic crash unit (ECU), is a critical piece of equipment in modern automobiles. The SRS module controls the deployment of the airbag by maintaining a constant exchange of information with the car's engine.

When a crash that fits the ECU's parameters occurs, it deploys the airbags in a fraction of a second. The SRS module stores crash and other data, and when it is not functioning properly, it can prevent airbag deployment. Airbags are vital safety devices, so ensuring they are working properly is a must.

Electrical/Module Repair

The electrical system of your car consists of the alternator, battery, starter and a slew of small components that are responsible for operating the mirrors, windows, doors, starting the air conditioner, and the audio system. Typically, the battery gives the juice to the starter. Once the car starts, the alternator begins to spin and generate the power needed to efficiently run the vehicle.

If any one of these parts isn’t working properly (this includes the small wires, fuses, and electrical convertors); your car won’t start or run properly.

At Advance Auto Tune our technicians are certified and very experience in navigating electrical systems for your vehicle. So give us a call for you auto electircal needs today!

Our Services

    • Auto Repair
    • Anti-Lock Brakes
    • Cabin Air Filters
    • Air Conditioning
    • Alternators & Starters
    • Batteries
    • Brakes & Rotors
    • Belts & Hoses
    • Clutch Repair
    • Exhaust System & Mufflers
    • Fuel System
    • Heating & Cooling Systems
    • Oil Changes & Lube
    • Transmission Services
    • Steering & Suspension
    • Water Pumps & Radiators
    • Diagnostics
    • And Much More!